Eco-Architecture: Harmonisation Between Architecture And Nature by G. Broadbent, C. A. Brebbia

Eco-Architecture: Harmonisation Between Architecture And Nature

Eco-Architecture: Harmonisation Between Architecture And Nature G. Broadbent, C. A. Brebbia ebook
Publisher: WIT Press
Format: pdf
Page: 429
ISBN: 184564171X, 9781845641719

It is EHA Family Trust Residence raised three feet above the existing grade. During Eco-puritanism is now a style of design, involving rectilinear plans, constrained spaces, recycled timber and 'natural' colours chosen to harmonise with new-growth green. Harmonising with the neighbouring buildings in terms of height and volume, the dynamic appearance of the structure, dictated by its glazed façades, is a real eye catcher. Between these volumes, open-air courtyards – a feature of vernacular architecture in the region – contribute to the terminal's environmental strategy: the plants and trees help to filter pollution and pre-condition the air before it is drawn into the air handling system and reflecting pools The concrete structure incorporates local gravel to reduce maintenance requirements and the embodied energy of the material, and to harmonise with the natural shades of local sand. The wooden details blend with the nature surroundings creating harmonization. Ward+Blake Architects applies this solution together with giving an insulated slab on grade to keep away the probability of In addition, The fine woods are chosen to be the main materials of this Eco sustainable house. The pendulum swing between libertarianism and puritanism recurs throughout history. Depending on the Two triangular atria rise up through all six levels and deliver natural light to all the workstations. In their paper 'Being Here – Attitude, Place and Design for Sustainability' presented at the Allemandi Conference Craig Badke and Stuart Walker discuss the the difference between 'having' and 'being' for sustainable design. In these two examples, the historic town of Verrena on Lake Como and Frank Lloyd Wright's modern organic masterpiece 'Fallingwater', architecture and nature exist in a symbiotic relationship. Prominently located with a view over the harbour, the structure, emblematically named 'The Crystal', nestles between historical brick buildings and modern glazed architecture. While I agree wholeheartedly with improving the sustainability of architecture, I think it is important to stop short of creating a style for 'green' architecture because it closes off analysis and new solutions.